tisdag 20 november 2012

(Videos) Rob And Kristen BD2 Interviews with @CNNEE tnxs @PamelaPPI

@RPLife He said he's proud of the movie but right now he doesn't know how to feel about the end, maybe in ten years he can decide how to feel about the end when he watch the collection of DVD. He doesn't understand why people likes those movies.

He will miss Edward he's so familiar to him, is weird to say goodbye to him.

About playing a young dad: He doesn't thinks he's very responsable to be a father. Also he said that some of his friends are already having babies, so maybe he's not too young to be a dad. For him men in general doesn't know how to be a dad, that things just happen.

What he has in common with Edward? He thinks he's very patient like him.

What he learn from Edward? Not be so introspective.

About Dior: Rob said that, if there's something then it will be an announcement.

Something more from the BD special on @CNNEE Kristen said she doesn't has any app in her cel. And Bill said she's very profesional.

About the First Kiss: Kristen said that they had to reshoot the 1st kiss scene because the wanted to make it right #BDonCNNEE

Favorite Scenes: Kristen said that there a lot of god ones, the wedding, the prom, the first kiss. #BDonCNNEE

Kristen said she's #TeamBella because she walked on her shoes for a long time, is impossible to her to pick another team. #BDonCNNEE
 Via & Translation tnxs @PamelaPPI

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