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Kristen on 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson'

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Full show now Youtube video - thanks @abeitotzz

Kristen promoting 'On The Road' on Late Late Show.


From clairelaluna
Just got out of Ferguson
Nothing much tbh: OTR dance scene and coconuts
Briefly talked of love/hate with twilight and Craig said to not listen to the hate
Wore white see-through shirt which dark green skirt and black blazer
Craig asked for an awkward pause with Kristen.....really dumb lol
Craig tried to think of ways to apologize to Kristen for being a douche about twilight without watching it
He just flat out said I'm sorry to her lol
Asked if she liked coconuts. Said they're okay. Craig said you either love or hate it. She said "well I enjoy coconuts :)))"
Oh there was a yellow stripe that went right down her asscrack on her skirt hohhh
There wasn't really an off-camera Kristen moment. No long breaks. But some off-camera stuff that had to do with Kristen.....
The audience managers mentioned Kristen as a guest and we screamed. They joked "I hear she's gonna let everyone sit on her lap"
And the other fanboy audience manager said "No, she's gonna sit on MY lap >:D"
Craig also asked the ~twihards if he did okay and if we're cool with him now. Nobody gave him a straight yes answer pmsl
HER SHOES THO. They were white and black with a strap and they looked really familiar. Believe she wore them before but can't think where
She was very smiley the whole time though :))))
From abeitotzz

Kristen was great in craig
He was deciding how to apologize the whole time when she came out
She was like. I thought you liked twilight. Then he just came out and said sorry for being a DOUCHE
Even after the show he was like. Are we good now twihards?
She said the dance thing was the sacriest thing she did he was like you haven't met a tiger?
Then he asked if she would work with animals. She thought he was asking if she would play a twihard
Then he gave her a coconut. And he said they should do an awkward pause and they did
He was really groveling
She was great about him apologizing
Oops i mean. She thought he was asking if she was gonna play an animal. Disregard the twihard tweet
He was more nervous than she was lol!
During the awkward pause Kristen was really cute moving her shoulders and smiling and stuff :)
Even his monologue is about him deciding how to apologize
He was like. You look gorgeous and was praising her for even going to his show
 From dazedbyrob

Just got out of Ferguson!
The whole interview mainly focused on the "love dance" from OTR.
She had her hair down. A skirt with a green stripe right down her butt lol she wore white/black heel.s
Kristen was so cute and thought Craig asked her if she wanted to work with animals and she thought he meant act as an animal pmsl
She got a jab at Craig w/the whole love dance and he said a love dance to him was like waltz . & she said well that shows what type you are.

From robkris13
it was a great show - Kristen was fantastic!!! Craig was classy and apologized for the ugly things he's said in the past abt Twilight...
lots of discussion abt OTR and Kristen talked abt going on a road trip part way across the States...made it to Ohio and had to turn back
Craig kept apologizing to Kristen for being a douche and she said it was okay not everyone was going to like the same thing.
At the end Craig offered Kristen a coconut as a parting gift. They did an awkward pause - she was good but he couldnt stop talking lol
Kristen was wearing a skirt that definitely emphasized her behind in a good way. It had two stripes down the back :))
Timings and Livestream Links

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