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Kristen on Tavis Smiley Show (Dec 10, 2012)

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Kristen on Tavis Smiley now. Showing the scene where Marylou is talking to Sal in the car. :)

Tavis whispering to Kristen during the clip & Kristen says whispering in b/w clips is her favorite part of talkshows, lol.
Tavis thought she meant that was her favorite part of the movie. Still a great scene though. :)
Talking now about when Kristen read #OTR & how it impacted her her Freshman year in HS. Her first favorite book.
Got her licence and put the book on her dashboard. :) Now saying she realized she needed people that are like the characters in the book.
Kristen saying she was happy she could grow up before doing this role, that she signed up before thinking she was ready for it.
The responsibility of playing someone from this book is so treasured.
Talking about how she grew while filming the Twilight series, didn't feel "stuck" filming it.
Filming OTR needed to be spontaneous but still close to the book.
What do young people like about #OTR? She thinks it's a really good time to make a movie about this. That you can find commonality w/ppl.
Talking about being nostalgic of that time, & how you can still do the same trip like they did in the film even w/the differences in time.
Lost innoncence now? Says she wasn't sheltered growing up, not her job to tell people how old they have to be to watch the movie.
Growing up in LA she says she consumed a lot of craft services as a child, lol.
Thought what her parents did was so cool, always wondering what they did and she ended up being an actor though she would've done anything.
Parents supportive though shocked, but not typical "stage parents" & nice to drive her to auditions. They're still shocked now, lol.
Asking if there is a longing for making indies now after a big "Blockbuster." She doesn't really step out & shape her career.
If she knew what story she'd want to tell she'd direct it.
"You can't really regret anything if you're coming from an honest place." Says she's proud of who she's worked with, happy about her career.
Saying this is a cheesball interview, aww.
As a strange person she wants to be able to stare at people & not have them staring at her, lol. Re ppl coming to the show, etc.
Talking about getting paranoid with high school thoughts when people look at her, like "everyone's laughing at me!" haha
Talking about acting being a good pressure, like living out something you love.Aww, cute interview. Showing a random Eclipe scene now, lol. She talked quite a bit so apologies if I missed anything!

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