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New #Cosmopolis Interview With Rob From Publimetro (Peru)

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publimetro The guy from Twilight in a respected film director David Cronenberg, how did that happen? In the film Cosmopolis, which had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, Pattinson plays a New York billionaire who runs a limousine, embarking on an odyssey that includes weapons and sex.

We asked personally successful ‘Vampire’ on this unexpected turn in his career.

Twilight and David Cronenberg. Two very different worlds. ? Cosmopolis is a new beginning in your career?
The fact of having been in Cannes representing this movie was wonderful. For a young actor like me who loves the cinema, Cannes is an important and one of the only ones who see the film as art. Certainly, for my career, is the beginning of something new. Record Cosmopolis gave me the confidence to focus on projects that really interest me.

Do you think all young actors dream of Cannes?
Maybe not until the day that your film is selected. In the United States, does not have much coverage Cannes but in London where I started, is huge. The strangest thing is the amount of people who applaud the film at the end. In the U.S., people are not going well film credits appear on the screen.

* Apparently you are a fan of Cronenberg. Is it true that you signed the contract without reading the script first? *
Absolutely. My agent asked if I was prepared to be in the next film of David and I said yes without thinking. When I read the script I found amazing Cosmopolis. From the first time I saw him I felt a connection, as if the script had sought me.

Cronenberg did not audition. He said he wanted to see where the movie was filmed while. Are not you scared that?
understand his reasons because it is a very complex scenario that can be interpreted in different ways. David did not say much about what he wanted. We had a little talk and nothing more. I remember sitting in my hotel room two weeks before recording and say to myself, “My God.” The first few days I was terrified. He was sitting in the limo with nothing to do and about to vomit. But his team reassured me and told me that he never knows what he wants really, you just need time to feel things. In the end, the pace was intense.

How was the scene where a doctor checks the prostate you?
five minutes before filming began, David said. “I want the bottom of your balls at the top of the frame.” At the time, I thought I should do everything that this man asked me, but then I had to go and say that I would not be able to. He took it very well. What came out was a very strange scene. I assure you will not see anything like it soon.

Don DeLillo’s book on which the film is based was written before the September 11 attacks and the financial crisis. But the current dilemmas facing characters. Did you have to adapt your character to make it look more contemporary?
‘s not something we did on purpose. Many things happened while we were recording. The movement of the “outraged” that rocked Wall Street, for example, happened while we were filming the scene of the riot. At first, I did not see Cosmopolis as a picture of reality, but as a poem. But when it’s critical to the financial world, things change. Personally, I never invest money in anything. It makes no sense.

Your next film will also be with David Cronenberg as a director?
Yeah, but do not know exactly when the shooting starts. What I do know is that it will be the first time that David will make a movie in America, more precisely in Los Angeles, and the film industry, promises to be a very strange film. Until it arrives, we are working in Australia filming The Rover with David Michod, and Mission: blacklist with French director Jean Stéphane Sauvaire. It is about the search for Saddam Hussein, a military investigator will. In truth, we wanted to shoot in Tikrit, in Iraq itself, despite how complicated it is. But I have 26 years and is the type of risks they want to have. Somebody has to.

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