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Coronation Dress Worn by Kristen in 'Snow White and the Huntsman' on display at “The NBC Universal Experience"

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., April 30, 2013– Masterful creations from three of the five films nominated for “Best Costume Design” at the 85th Academy Awards® are on display at “The NBCUniversal Experience” at Universal Studios Hollywood in a showcase of enchanting and dramatic costumes from Universal Pictures’ Les Miserables and Snow White and The Huntsman, as well as gowns from the category winner, Focus Features’ Anna Karenina.
Other spectacular additions to the new showcase include the coronation dress worn by Kristen Stewart as “Snow White” in Snow White and The Huntsman and the scepter carried by Charlize Theron in her role as the movie’s evil queen.

For guests in pursuit of an even more in-depth look at the costumes and props used to create Hollywood magic, try the “VIP Experience.” This is a deluxe offering providing visitors a seat aboard a private trolley with exclusive guided access to the theme park, working production studio and acclaimed movie set backlot. The “VIP Experience” is a privileged view into the inner-workings of the movie studio, and became even more popular with the growing demand for a luxury opportunity when visiting the park.
This experience includes an expert tour guide and access to the world-famous Edith Head Property Warehouse and Costume Department. The Costume Department features a diverse collection of costumes and accessories, including those worn by the stars of such hits as “Identity Thief,” “Oblivion” and “Bridesmaids.”
The Costume Department also features a never-before-seen look at master costume designers at work on the latest fashions for current productions. Additionally, “VIP Experience” guests are escorted through the theme park to the Front of the Line at all shows and attractions, and enjoy an elaborate gourmet lunch prepared by Universal Studios Hollywood’s award-winning executive chef, served in a private dining room.
The ultimate Hollywood “VIP Experience” can be booked in advance by calling 818.622.8477 or visiting the site.

Source: Daily Markets Via KStewAngel

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