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Michael Shannon On #TheRunaways & Kristen In New Interview

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filmschoolrejects  For The Runaways was it beneficial Kim is still around?
Yeah. The first day of shooting that I was involved with, Kristen Stewart said, “If you want to sit down with Kim Fowley then I can arrange it.” I said, “That would be great.” So Kristen and Joan Jett and myself and Kim Fowley met at a Denny’s in The Valley. We had dinner together. And Kim brought his albums…not his vinyl albums, but his photo albums and his newspaper clippings and all this stuff and he told, basically, his life story to me from the time he was a child to where he was at sitting across from me at that table. Yeah, it was incredible. It’s kind of a blur. I can’t say I remember a lot about it. He was talking very fast. I know he was sick as a child. But his parents were all right.

But anyway, I had that experience. And I didn’t have that with Richard. But I think it would have been a very different experience. I don’t imagine Klukinsky being very happy to see an actor trying to portray him. I can’t imagine. He would probably take one look at me and think I was a total sissy.

 photo 022410joanjett3.jpg [Laughs] Is it a very different feeling when you are portraying period versus a more modern day piece like Mud?
Yeah, although you always depend on the design elements to inspire you or get you to the right place in your mind. But yeah, I mean I don’t know. Every job is different. I haven’t found any uniformity, really. I mean there’s similarities but there’s not uniformity. Even period pieces, like doing the ‘70s in The Iceman was very different from doing the ‘70s in The Runaways. It wasn’t like just because they were both in the ‘70s they were similar, because the environments were so different and the characters were so different. But doing period work definitely offers you a greater opportunity to escape yourself.

Which is what you look for, I imagine.
Well, yeah. The game is always to disappear as much as possible.

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