torsdag 30 maj 2013

News! Poster + Still "Free Ride" with Cam Gigandet & Anna Paquin

Coming Soon...."Free Ride" with Anna Paquin
 photo eaca7b20bd7b11e29da122000a9e28e0_7_zps1c136bf6.jpg photo f1d402a0a85011e2982f22000a9f3c23_7_zps7ba81ec3.jpg Variety Anna Paquin’s “Free Ride” gets a boost from Phase 4 Films, which has picked up all U.S. and Canadian rights to the Shana Betz-helmed crime thriller.
The deal was announced at Cannes, where Cargo Entertainment is handling international sales. “Free Ride” also stars Cam Gigandet, Drea de Matteo, Liana Liberato, Jeff Hephner, Brit Morgan and Ava Acres. Producers are Susan Dynner, Cerise Hallam Larkin, Chris Swinney and Paquin; exec producers are Mark Larkin and Stephen Moyer. It’s the first film production from Paquin and husband Moyer’s production company, CASM.
Phase 4 will release “Free Ride” later this year in theaters and on demand. Betz directed from her own script and based “Free Ride” on her life story. Paquin portrays a single mother who moves to Florida with her daughters in search of a better life and gets pulled into the drug-trade business.

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