tisdag 28 maj 2013

#SWATH Costume Designer Colleen Atwood Talks About Dressing Kristen and Charlize

“Snow White was more interesting to us as a bit of a rebel. We had a costume that went through a lot of changes without actually being changed. As she journeyed through the woods, it evolved into a shorter dress over leather leggings. We used colors that enhanced Kristen [Stewart]‘s natural beauty and felt organic in the woods. She did most action sequences herself, so it was important that the costume could be moved in!
"Ravenna was the embodiment of decay. We wanted to convey her power and, at the same time, her weakness. Her costumes were almost insect-like in the way they became harder on the outside as she journeyed through the story. Her feather cape was a bit of a literal translation, because she turns into a blackbird. We used rooster feathers because…we really liked the fact that they are more than black. They’re blue—and green, too. Those were all hand-trimmed and hand-mounted on a really lightweight silk background by a milliner that I know in London. It really helped that Charlize [Theron] was so game to wear all these crazy costumes and inhabit them in a totally believable way.”

style Via kstewartnews

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