fredag 21 juni 2013

New Pics & BTS Video from Taylor's Photoshoot for Bench

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"We spoke to Chan after the press event to find out why Lautner was chosen to be an endorser: "We wanted someone [who's] a superstar in that league. Although we've [had] Adam Levine, he's not into movies; he's into music. So we wanted to tap somebody at the same level [of stardom]," he said.

Chan told us that Lautner signed on with Bench for one year, and that we can expect a visit from the 21-year-old heartthrob within the year, depending on his shooting schedule. But this is more than just a business arrangement for Lautner; according to Chan, "Before he signed the deal, he already liked the clothes."

ICYMI More Pics from Bench Campaign HERE
Source: kristn - BenchTV - tl-life

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