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ICYMI Peter Facinelli wrote "Protocol" Comic - Available next november

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comics.cosmicbooknews A very action-packed spy saga at BOOM! Studios will be coming in November from an unlikely source: actor Peter Facinelli of Twilight!

To find out about the Protocol miniseries, to be co-written by Michael Alan Nelson (Day Men, Supergirl), Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer exclusively sat down with the scribe to give him the once-over. Brewer filed this report:

Cosmic Book News: So how did the idea come about to do spy stories with Peter Facinelli from Twilight? Is he a co-plotter, co-writer or, as they say these days, "consultant"? (laughs)
Michael Alan Nelson:  Ha!  Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I was the consultant.  Peter had this great story all set and ready to go and the folks at BOOM loved it.  But Peter comes from more of a TV and film background.  And even though the mediums are similar, they all wanted someone familiar with writing comics to help script the series. That's where I come in.  And don't for a second think that Peter just had a simple idea written on the back of a napkin and said, "Here you go.  Make it awesome."  No.  He had a fully fleshed-out world, a great story, and rich complex characters. And he's been very hands-on in crafting the series. Read more at source.
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Peter wrote: @peterfacinelli Developed a graphic novel called "Protocal:Orphans" with the BOOM COMICS. Hits stores in November. Very excited...

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