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Jamie Campbell Bower: New TMI Interview (Mentions Kristen and Twilight)

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"I would rather not respond to that question." Hardly saying anything regarding the question: "What was the best and worst part of working with you boyfriend/girlfriend?" interview done together over the phone.

The same life (were a coupe since July 2012 and broke up less than a month ago, together again?) Lilly Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, but refuse to talk about each other. They are Clary Fray and Jace Wayland, faces of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, that has already been released in theaters for two weeks. "Clary seeks to discover her voice in a world between fantasy and reality. It promotes the idea that there is no shame in being an outsider" she says about the film that mixes human angels, werewolves, demons and vampires.

The daughter of Phil Collins ("he said he loved the movie, not his favorite genre but he laughed a lot") likes to sing like her father. But it is not reflected in the scene like Katy Perry, the folk-rockers Mumford & Sons and Bon Iver, Justin Vernon project. Meanwhile, Jamie is a fan of Arcade Fire, Bring Me The Horizon and Florence And The Machine, a band that recruited him for his video, Never Let Me Go. "I've known Florence for eleven years, I saw her for the first time when I first played in The Loops. We met at a party and she said, 'Would you like to make this video? "Of course I accepted even though these shoots exhausted you. There was a journey that lasted almost 24 hours and Florence never complained."

- Did you read the series "Shadow Hunters" before filming?

Lilly: Yes, I was a big fan of the novel before being selected for the cast. I read City of Bones about three years ago and when I found out they were making a movie about it, I called my agent and sent e-mails to see how I could participate.

Jamie: I read the five books recently when I was elected. Cassandre Clare's writing is visceral.

- You were Caius Volturi in "Twilight" and Gellert in "Harry Potter" very dark characters like Jace. Do you feel represented by them?

J : Yes, I always felt attracted to dark characters . I look at Jace as an anti-hero, so I could incorporate these elements. It gives me the opportunity to explore my darker sides , something that I do every day.

- What is the difference find yourself with "Shadow Hunters"?

J : In this movie I do not seek to recreate the iconic image of the vampire or werewolf .

- You studied journalism, what platform attracts you the most? Did you read the reviews about the film?

L : I love TV, I always liked to ask questions, have a voice. For the first time , I did not read any reviews about the film , I make a film for critics , I do not care . I'm not interested how many people go to the movies or say someone sitting behind a computer .

- Which scene was the hardest for you ?

J : - The scene of the greenhouse, the romantic part where Jace Clary opens up. And I interpreted my character so dark that you can understand why it is the hardest. It was like a four-minute monologue, shot in multiple takes and cut for the film. That was a very stressful night .

L : 'I think the emotional aspect, when Valentine and Jace tell me the bad news. As a fan and reader, that was the moment that I caught the history of the book . And I had to show frightened and disturbed to interpret on screen.

- These characters are given a great identity and closeness to his fans outside the cinema ? Do you fear that in the future you'll only be remembered as them the "Shadow Hunters."

L : No, because I think I took challenges and did many different things before this film. I love the character of Clary, but I do not have to define my career. I think that actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart could also represent different characters .

J : No, I've worked eight years ago in this and every character I did was very different. Soon I will make a car thief in Marseille , then a bio-epic film about a rock band in Los Angeles. I do not much being typecast .

*Thanks for translation @RKLutzNYC from Gossip_Dance Staff
Source: SI

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