torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Drake Doremus Eyes Kristen Stewart And Nicholas Hoult For "Equals"

Deadline EXCLUSIVE: Drake Doremus is casting up his next film Equals for an early 2014 start, and I hear he is courting Twilight Saga‘s Kristen Stewart and Warm Bodies and X-Men: Days Of Future Past star Nicholas Hoult to be the young couple that anchors this science fiction tale.
Doremus talked up the project while doing press for Breathe In, the most recent film he helmed that stars his Like Crazy heroine Felicity Jones, Guy Pearce and Amy Ryan. Indian Paintbrush, Steven Rales’ production/financing company which forged a relationship with Doremus on Like Crazy, is backing the film. Stewart is repped by Gersh and Hoult by UTA and 42.

Update: @ tnxs Mel452
EQUALS” now on Prod Weekly
Feature Film
STATUS: Active Development
PRODUCER: Steven Rales
DIRECTOR: Drake Doremus
WRITER: Nathan Parker - Drake Doremus
CAST: Kristen Stewart - Nicholas Hoult Stewart and Hoult to be the young couple that anchors this science fiction tale. (Planning for an early 2014 start.) It’s rumoured that you’re looking to move away from the intimate romantic movies to do something a bit different for your next movies. The gossip columns are saying a sci-fi movie…

I definitely want to maintain the elements of the intimacy while doing something bigger and different. My next movie is going to be a sci-fi, love story written by Nathan Parker, writer of Moon. An incredible collaborator, we’ve been working together for almost a year now and hopefully we’ll be making the movie sooner than later

Will the new sci-fi movie be a huge, Prometheus-epic type film?

Not bigger than that. It’s not going to be out of hand, but I think it’s a logical next step, if that makes any sense without giving too much away of the budget realm.

Will there be some type of special effects element involved?


Are you excited to be working on the new film?

Very much so. If it’s not scary or if it’s different, you should do it. I’m really excited to explore a whole new thing while bringing my own passions to it and that’s what’s exciting about collaborating with someone who’s doing something totally different to you as together you can create something very original and unique by bringing different elements to the table.

Are there any genres off limits to you?

Absolutely not! I’m just getting started…

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