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HQScans: #DiorRob Interview in "Style Up Your Life" Austria

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Since his role in the vampire saga Twilight, RobertPattinson is part of Hollywood’s A-list of actors.Therefore it is hardly surprising that he was chosen to bethe new face of Dior Homme. STYLE UP YOUR LIFE! met with the trendy filmstar for an interview.

Smells often trigger memories of certain things.What do you associate with certain smells?
I remember very clearly that my father always used towear „Brut de Faberge“. Do you remember thatfragrance?
He still owns it today and it reminds me of myearly time at school. It‘s anchored very deeply in mymemory and to this day I remember exactly how itsmells. When I started getting interested in girls (atabout age 12), I decided it was cool to wear perfume. On a holiday in Portugal I watched some teenagers go intoa bar. To convince them I was older, I put on some Eau de Cologne (laughs).

Are there landscapes or towns you associate with certain smells?
My father is from Yorkshire, where you get a lot ofheather in the moors. That smell is simply unbelievable.We used to go there at Christmas and although I haven‘tbeen there for a long time, I still remember that smell.
Do you have a favourite smell? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a perfume.I like the smell of people! (laughs) It is really strange andI‘m sure it has to do with pheromones.  We like peoplebecause subconciously we like the way they smell. Ialways find this very interesting to observe.

You are 27 years old. Do you wear perfume to feel comfortable or to seduce?
It still feels like something very grown up. If you use perfume when going out, you‘re going out for a very specific reason (smiles).

Which woman could wear Dior Homme in your opinion?
A free thinker! A headstrong woman who refuses tosmell „pretty“. She never does exactly what you wouldexpect of her. It certainly would be a woman with a veryspecific image of femininity.

Do London (where you have lived), New York (where you shot the campaign) and Paris (home of Dior)have their own smell?Apart from my family I miss the smell of London after itrained the most.
The airports Heathrow and Gatwick aresurrounded by fields. When you land there youimmediately smell wet gras and it really always rainswhen I land there. New York is totally different.
For me the town smells of food, because it’s available at everycorner. Strangely enough I never associate France withfood although it is a large part of the French culture. It’smore of a visual thing, a certain feeling.
Paris IS a feeling. To describe Paris is a bit like describing Dior. It’sa very different world. I really love strolling freely througha town in which films are still respected as an artform.

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