torsdag 10 oktober 2013

Update Photo + BTS Video "Submerged" by Tyler Shields with Peter Facinelli Now

 photo peter-facinelli-danielle-panabaker_zpscfd20e05.jpg

Tyler Shields Presents Submerged Behind the scenes. Tyler Shields new series of underwater photography "Submerged" is one of the toughest series Shields has ever embarked on The series stars Ana Mulvoy Ten, Sarah Bolger Holland Rodden, Lydia Hearst, Logan Huffman, Connor Paolo, Cru Ennis, Morgan Peszko, Peter Facinelli, Danielle Panabaker.
The series debuts at the IMITATE MODERN GALLERY OCT 9 NOV-9 27a Devonshire Street London W1G 6PN 
Private Launch: 17th October
More photos: Here |  @tylershields

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