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News: "The Rover" , "QOTD" and "Mission Blacklist"

embankmentfilms screendailyFinanced and green-lit for production next year are The Dressmaker starring Kate Winslet, and Mission Blacklist starring Robert Pattinson.

According to: cassianelwes

The Rover via theroverfilm

The Rover will have a session at the Screen Producers Association of Australia’s (SPAA) annual conference held in Melbourne from Nov. 18-21, 2013.
The Screen Producers Association of Australia’s annual conference presents Screen Forever. This is Australia’s leading media and entertainment conference and the largest congregation of content creators, producers or anyone working in the screen industry who is seeking insight, inspiration, networking, professional development and fun.

The Rover’s session is titled, The Trans-Pacific Partnership:  A Case Study on Financing “The Rover”. It will include, The Rover producer, Liz Watts, and more. Here’s the description of the session from the SPAA website:

The Rover is a rare film – co-produced by a top flight Australian and top-flight US producer with significant foreign money; all built on the promise of David Michod making his second film, and a very strong cast. How did it all come together?

The key players in the financing of The Rover will tell the story of how their involvement started, how the finance plan was created, and what made it such a great deal for everyone.

The session will explore the inception and development of the project, but focus on the deal-making process, what each party brought to the table and what they took away from the project.

The Rover provides a model for cross-Pacific partnerships and how Australian talent can work with American know-how.

We are currently locking down guests for this session. Confirmed guests include:


Liz Watts, Producer, Porchlight Films
Zachary Studin, Vice President of Production, Lava Bear Films
Bec Smith, Agent, UTA Independent Film Group and Motion Picture Literary Department
John Zois, Director, Acquisitions & Production, FilmNation Entertainment

Moderator & Session Producer

Alex Sangston, Senior Manager, Producer Offset and Co-production, Screen Australia.

Click HERE for registration information.

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