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"The Runaways", "Thirteen" and "Pitch Perfect" between "40 Greatest Female Movie" by @totalfilm

40 Greatest Female Double-Acts  Here come the girls:

22 Beca and Amy - Pitch Perfect (2012)
Why We Love Them: In an all-female a capella group there's ample room for great movie friendships, but it's leading lady Beca's partnership with self-titled Fat Amy that really grabs your attention.

One's an edgy DJ, the other's... well, the other's Fat Amy, and Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are brilliant together, providing almost all of the movie's laughs.

They say: "I thought that was a really beautiful thing to look around at all these girls and know that they’re my co-workers and my friends and that we’re in it for each other," Anna Kendrick.

27 - Tracy and Evie - Thirteen (2003)

Why We Love Them: It's a dark, twisted friendship, but one that's familiar to almost every teenage girl.

Bad girl Evie appears in Tracy's life like a very cool, very dangerous bolt of lightening. It might all end badly, but actresses Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood are an almost hypnotic duo.

They say: “I don’t know if 13 year olds should see this without someone there...” says Nikki Reed.

37 - Joan Jett and Cherie Currie - The Runaways (2010)

Why We Love Them: The first ladies of rock and roll got a cinematic makeover in this biopic. Joan and Cherie were an electrifying duo onstage, and their movie versions were no different, thanks to stellar performances from Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

They say: "I made it a very early decision that the story was going to be about Cherie and Joan…so that was a conscious effort, you know, to...make it more personal on the two of them and their relationship," said Director Floria Sigismondi.

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