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Prod Weekly Update: "The Lost City Of Z" STATUS: Spring 2014 CAST: Benedict Cumberbatch - Robert Pattinson

Prod Weekly Update: “THE LOST CITY OF Z”
STATUS: Spring 2014 PRODUCER: Dede Gardner - Jeremy Kleiner - Anthony Katagas WRITER/DIRECTOR: James Gray 
CAST: Benedict Cumberbatch - Robert Pattinson 
PANORAMA MEDIA ANNAPURNA PICTURES After stumbling upon a hidden trove of diaries, acclaimed New Yorker writer David Grann set out to solve "the greatest exploration mystery of the twentieth century": What happened to the British explorer Percy Fawcett and his quest for the Lost City of Z? In 1925 Fawcett ventured into the Amazon to find an ancient civilization, hoping to make one of the most important discoveries in history. For centuries Europeans believed the world’s largest jungle concealed the glittering kingdom of El Dorado. 
Thousands had died looking for it, leaving many scientists convinced that the Amazon was truly inimical to humankind. But Fawcett, whose daring expeditions helped inspire Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, had spent years building his scientific case. Captivating the imagination of millions around the globe, Fawcett embarked with his twenty-one-year-old son, determined to prove that this ancient civilization—which he dubbed "Z"—existed. Then he and his expedition vanished.
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