onsdag 15 januari 2014

#Hercules3D Kellan Lutz Interview with @OnTheList (Audio)

hahajk It’s the thirty-third episode of our intimate sit-down with some of Hollywood’s well-known actors and rising stars that just so happen to also be close friends with On The List host Brett Gursky.
This week’s guest Kellan Lutz joins Brett to talk all about his acting career and his latest movie “The Legend of Hercules”, in which he fulfills his childhood dream of playing the lead role of “Hercules”. Kellan takes Brett back to the beginning and shares how he got his start- From his first TV show, the HBO comedy series “The Comeback”, starring Lisa Kudrow, to his first film, “Stick It”, starring Jeff Bridges.
They also discuss his early roles in the movies “Accepted”, opposite Justin Long & Jonah Hill, and “Prom Night”, opposite Brittany Snow & Scott Porter, as well as his critically-acclaimed HBO miniseries “Generation Kill”. Then they talk all about “Twilight”, the blockbuster, 5-film franchise that catapulted Kellan’s career. He shares behind-the-scenes stories about how he got the role of “Emmet Cullen”, what it was like making the movies, and how they changed his life.
They discuss the opportunities that followed, including the Calvin Klein campaign, as well as the remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Arena” with Samuel L. Jackson, “Love Wedding Marriage” with Mandy Moore, and “Immortals” with Henry Cavill & Mickey Rourke.
Kellan then shares what’s next for him in 2014: The voice of “Tarzan” in “Tarzan 3D”, and also “Expendables 3” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, & Harrison Ford. “Hercules” hits theaters today, January 10th.
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