torsdag 16 januari 2014

#sundance2014 New Poster "Wish I Was Here" - Ashley Greene going to Sundance
WIWH Dear “Wish I Was Here” Family; We’re off to Park City, Utah to premiere our movie at Sundance.
To those of you who’ve joined us in recent weeks, we are so honored to have you in our family.

To our backers who’ve been with us since day one, please know that we are VERY aware that none of this would have happened without you. We are filled with gratitude and love as we share “Wish I Was Here” for the very first time. The first showing of the film is this Saturday at 11:15am in Park City.

We have no idea yet what our poster will be when the film is officially released to theaters. But here, for your eyes first, is our poster for Sundance:
With love and respect, Zach, Adam, Stacey, Coco, Michael, Ameet & Kate, Mandy, Joey, Josh, Ashley and Pierce


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@zachbraff YES! Every cast member will be at Sundance! Kate Hudson, Mandy Patinkin,

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