onsdag 12 mars 2014

New Great Photoshoot of Kristen and Tara Swennen for @THR Plus BTS Video

 Now in HQ:
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Video | YT/ DL  Tnxs SomeLostBliss

Sure, Swennen is lauded for recognizing a client’s individuality (i.e., Kristen Stewart‘s Chanel hot pants), but where she has a larger-than-most impact is internationally, thanks in part to client Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, whose Big Bang Theory dominates worldwide syndication.

Swennen, a self-described “T-shirt, Converse sneakers and jeans-wearing girl,” shares similarly laid-back taste with longtime client Stewart, whom she met during Stewart’s breakout role in 2007′s Into the Wild when the actress was 14. Says Stewart, “I would go to her with anything — and do — and sometimes fittings are like full-on therapy sessions.”
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