onsdag 12 mars 2014

(Video) New @THR Photoshoot - Dakota and Elle Fanning

Update: BTS
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McMillen first dressed Dakota, 20, in 2012; younger sister Elle, 15, soon followed. The sisters, who have appeared in ads for Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu, have dramatically different styles: “Elle is much taller than me, so she can carry off more elaborate dresses. I like classic styles that I won’t look back on in 20 years and feel embarrassed,” says Dakota, who admits that she hates trying on clothes. Not Elle. “I’m very into trying on clothes and putting all the little details together,” she says. “Samantha and I will text each other pictures of runway looks right when they come off.” From the past year, Dakota favors her navy blue Elie Saab Couture embellished ball gown from the Night Moves premiere in Venice (No. 31) and her unexpectedly edgy beaded Atelier Versace crop-top and skirt for the film’s debut at Toronto.

Elle still thinks about her floral Rochas gown with a lace choker and mint-green cardigan that McMillen put together for the 2012 Ginger & Rosa premiere in London and, most recently, a gingham top and pleated miniskirt with floral pumps (No. 32) that she wore to sit front-row at the Miu Miu fall 2014 show in Paris (Elle appears with Nyong’o in the designer’s spring ads). “Dakota is Old Hollywood, but a younger version of that, and Elle is a mix of bohemian and sporty,” says McMillen, who’s gearing up for Maleficent’s whirlwind press with Elle, who stars alongside Angelina Jolie in the take on Sleeping Beauty, which opens May 30.

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