tisdag 26 februari 2013

TwiFans.com's Lionsgate Adventure "Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Extended Edition is A-mazing..."

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Excerpt from Twifans:
As I watched Breaking Dawn- Part 1 Extended Edition with the other fansites, I realized that there were full scenes added as well as little things.  I kept saying to myself, was that longer, was that phrase cut, did I see more Emmett?  I don't want to spoil what you will see so I won't get too descriptive.  For me, being the Team Edward girl that I am, one scene was worth purchasing the extended edition just for that scene.  Let's just say that Jacob deserved it and has for many movies!  We've already seen a glimpse at the Rosalie and Jacob sene here.  I swear there was a little more honeymoon water, but that could have just been my wild imagination!  The fight outside the Cullen's house was a little longer.  But that is not everything. The behind the scenes to Breaking Dawn - Part 2 footage we saw is hilarious.  One clip in particular was Robert Pattinson doing stunts, over and over,"But , I can't do it,", he says laughing while Kristen laughs at him too was priceless.
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Source: Twifans Via: Spunk-Ransom

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