lördag 30 mars 2013

(Video) Max Irons on what separates him from Robert Pattinson

'The Host' star Max Irons on what separates him from Robert Pattinson:

hitfix "I saw an article in a magazine...'which of these 12 films can be the next 'Twilight'?'" said Irons, speaking with me alongside co-star Jake Abel at the recent press junket for the forthcoming Stephenie Meyer adaptation. "And it listed 12 films. And the common denominator between them was that they had a young cast, that was it. I think people are more fascinated by the phenomenon that was 'Twilight,' but I think the phenomenon of 'Twilight' was unique to the books. You know, Robert Pattinson was being chased down the street by gangs of French girls before he even started filming. That hasn't happened to us."

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