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Kristen B-Day With Rob And Hanson (Celebuzz) + Rob Fan Pic (April 9th)

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Celebuzz For all you chomping at the bit wondering just how Kristen Stewart rang in her big 2-3, Celebuzz has all the exclusive deets.Fear not, Twihards.  We’re putting all those pesky breakup rumors to rest. To answer what you’re all thinking: Yes, she was with her beau Robert Pattinson (phew!)

According to an eyewitness, the actress (who we've already proven is secretly awesome) and her leading man celebrated late-night at Jane’s House Lounge in Los Angeles on April 9 alongside former ‘90s teen pop group Hanson for the boy band’s album release party.
And per their usual bait-and-switch tactics, the co-stars-turned-lovebirds came into the venue around 11 p.m.(separately, of course), but you can't fool us, Robsten!

“Rob came in and sat down alone for about five minutes,” the onlooker told Celebuzz. “And then Kristen came in with a security guard and sat down next to Rob.”

And the Hanson boys weren’t the only VIP friends. Stewart partied with her famous besties including Nikki Reed, who stars in Hanson’s new music video for their single “Get The Girl Back.”
“Kristen had a good mix of friends with her, including Nikki and her husband Paul McDonald and Ashley Benson,” added the eyewitness.

While Taylor Hanson took his turn as DJ, the superstars chilled in their own section -- but were uncharacteristically public by shying away from a private VIP area.

“They were all hanging out in front of the other guests and looked like they were having a great time together.”

Welcome to 23, Kristen! Sounds like a memorable night.

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