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LA Weekly Interview + Outtake - Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick: She's Just a Girl and She's on Fire LAWeekly 

We profiled actress/singer/comedian/Twitter celebrity Anna Kendrick for our People Issue, but didn't have space for everything.

Here are some of the best deleted bits from our interview:
On Twitter:
I find I get the most response from things that I'm kind of honest about. When I make full-out jokes that works sometimes too, as the Ryan Gosling Tweet proved.

But sometimes when I say something really honest, like I tweeted something about sometimes I wish I could wear sign around my neck that says, "Look, I'm pretty sensitive, can everybody just be cool?"...And I got an amazing response because it was, like, an honest thing where sometimes you're just like feeling really vulnerable...

It kind of forces you to tighten things up, which I'm bad at. Anything that I've ever written is just so utterly rambling...Like when God forbid I have a misunderstanding with somebody, the email that I will send them is like a ten-page novel.

On the hoarding phenomenon:
There's a subreddit for hoarding. I'm obsessed with the hoarding. It fascinates me 'cause I think we all have that, that tendency inside of us, and it's just a matter of who lets it get out of control...

I want to get inside the minds of hoarders. 'Cause I am totally guilty of having, you know, hypothetically, two of the exact same thing but feeling like, "But this one's a perfectly good thing, I can't just get rid of it." Some of those episodes of Hoarders are just heartbreaking. These fathers that won't get rid of planks of wood they think they're gonna do some project with that they're never gonna do and their family's, like, begging them to throw it away. To be in the mind of a person like that, I can't imagine.

I feel like that could totally be me. Nothing makes me clean my house more and get rid of stuff and do a purge than as much as I'll really go for it after watching an episode of Hoarders. I feel like sometimes when I'm feeling like I have too much stuff and I need to get reorganized and prioritize what actual things I need in my life, I will watch an episode of Hoarders and I will have half the stuff I owned before in a couple of hours. It's amazing...

My phone was stolen and I lost a bunch of pictures and I was so upset. And I'm still -- I'm heartbroken, really. But I didn't go through and look at them...All they had been was just like photos on my camera roll that I never really visited and yet when they're gone, I was devastated. That's gotta be the same feeling -- like I can't get rid of it but I never go and visit it. I think my mom has a storage space...I'm gonna ask her about it now -- be like, "What the fuck is in there that's so important?"

...As I can be a hoarder, nothing gives me more intense pleasure than re-organizing my closet and getting little containers and making little things so that there's a place for everything and everything is in its place. It's like I waver between being a total hoarder and completely OCD...For a while, I tried crafting. I'm just not good at it.

On losing her phone
The person turned it off immediately. It was just some fucking asshole...It's not like somebody was targeting me specifically...

I have a bunch of phones. They're all good, I just -- I don't know. It's more just learning to use new technology that's daunting. I want to try them. And, like, actually have the one that's best. 'Cause I am at a point now where just organizing my life is a priority and I don't have an assistant or anything and sometimes -- like this week -- things feel a little overwhelming...

I want a phone that at the time when I leave the house has got, like, a map ready for where I need to be. ...There must be an app for that. If it's not, let's make it and make a million dollars. But that's a good idea, right? To have a thing where I could enter addresses for the week where I was gonna be and then what times I was supposed to be there and then half an hour before then it would just be like, "Here's your map."
Full interview at source

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