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New Kellan Lutz Interview: Talks about Taking Criticism and His Love For the Action Genre

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The Film Stage: You said you’re into the action genre. So, what’s your thing? Gun fights? Hand to hand? Chases? And how much of that is actually you versus a stunt double?

Kellan Lutz: Most of this is me. We had some great stunt guys. Even the building fire. That was the first time I had gel plastered all on me just in case.

The Film Stage: That’s awesome.

Kellan Lutz: Yeah! You never get to do that in big studio movies. They don’t even let you run on rocks because you might twist your ankle. So action stuff… I just love doing action. I love shooting. But I love fighting. Probably fighting, mainly. That just shows more physicality. But in this one, I got to ride a motorcycle. I got to blow stuff up. Got to shoot guns. Got to fight people. Jump from buildings. Crash through windows. A plethora of different things. That’s what I like.

The Film Stage: It’s a lot of things you probably didn’t do in a lot of the other films.

Kellan Lutz: No, but in real life I did. Like, growing up, I’d do all these things. That’s why it’s great to do them in a movie. But other films, yeah, you never really get to do much yourself. That’s why I love independent movies.

The Film Stage: You shot this on location, right?

Kellan Lutz: Yeah.

The Film Stage: I know most of your days are probably 14 hour or 15 hour work days. You come in, you work, you work, you go to bed. Did y’all have any time to run around the city?

Kellan Lutz: Well, the great thing about shooting there… I’m very active when choosing projects. Looking at how much action they have and where do they shoot? I’m big on traveling. So being here and talking to [director Conor Allyn], I think we had 32 different locations.

The Film Stage: Wow.

Kellan Lutz: So you’re seeing the country while you’re working. In between takes they’d have like an hour to setup a new shop. I’m just sniffing around! I’m checking stuff out. We shot at Borobudur temple; I was going up and down that thing. It’s like a free pass because there are no tourists on it because we’re shooting. So it’s the best of both worlds. I’m learning Bahasa (Indonesian for ‘language’) from the locals and the crew. Working with them and chatting in their language. Learning about the food. We were shooting in a meat market and then another animal market and I was learning about how they sell all these animals. A lot of different things that just opened your eyes and you become worldlier with it. It’s a great experience to travel and shoot on location. You really feel it. You really feel like you are experiencing this stuff for the first time versus green screen. Like Tarzan was a bit of green screen and I had to act like there was an alligator there! It’s different when there’s a real alligator there.

The Film Stage: Definitely. You can tell when an actor has to act against something like a tennis ball.

Kellan Lutz: And some actors are really good. They’re able to pull it off.

Source: The Film Stage Via: KLutzOnline

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