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Halston Sage Mentions Taylor Lautner & Twilight in New Grown Ups 2 Interview

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Beautiful, 20-year-old actress Halston Sage called us from her L.A. home to spill deets on all the fun she had filming the hilarious summer movie Grown Ups 2. Halston put in a season on the Nick series “How to Rock” and will soon be seen as Zac Efron’s girlfriend in the movie Townies.

Grown Ups 2 reunites some of the young cast from the first Grown Ups like “A.N.T. Farm’s” China Anne McClain and Cameron Boyce (Luke on “Jessie” on the Disney Channel). Halston was new to the gang and says she was welcomed into the film “family” from the beginning.

Shooting the movie was like summer camp complete with an ice cream pig-out and sightings of “Twilight’s” Taylor Lautner who plays a college fratboy in the movie. Was Halston Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Kidzworld: Tell me about your character Nancy in the film.

Halston: She is kind of the girl next door and in school she’s Adam Sandler’s son’s love interest so there are some sparks that fly. She’s kind of the popular girl and he’s a little bit on the quieter, nerdy side and doesn’t really realize that he likes her back so he’s really awkward and funny around her. They have a lot of cute scenes together.

Kidzworld: A ton of teens want to know if you had any scenes with Taylor Lautner or did you meet him on set? Were you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Halston: I didn’t have any scenes with him but I hear things went over really well. I saw his picture in the make-up trailer every day. It’s such a big cast that you shoot at different times. I did grow up reading the “Twilight” books. I feel guilty but I was always Team Edward. Nothing against Taylor, it’s just about the books.

Source: kidzworld Via: tl-life

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