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(LQ Scans) #DiorRob in Ativa Mag (Portugal)

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One of the weirdest encounters that Rob Pattinson had when he was "out of character" was with an intrepid seven year old fan who passionately asked him "Bite me, please." The phrase sums up the desire of millions of women around the world, of all ages, that wouldn't care to feel a bite on the carotid from him .
But Rob is slowly leaving behind the ghost of Edward Cullen, the famous vampire from The Twilight Saga. No wonder that this artistic grown was responsible for the invitation to be the new face of the Dior Homme campaign. "Dior is a name so iconic, and I love what people call the French touch," says the actor . The campaign video, directed by Romain Gavras ,shows us a sexy 'bad boy' version of Rob. Opposite the model Camille Rowe at the sound of 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin, he personifies the cool urban young man, elegant, adventurous, and seductive. "The idea to redefine a classic fragrance was very attractive to me, and anything with a "heavier" air, associated with Dior, brings an interesting mix of emotions. Romain and I imagined someone quite sophisticated but a little wild. A free spirit that do what he wants and is fearless about it." And for him the free spirits are much more attractive. "I'm fascinated by people who genuinely don't care to what others think."

"When we thought about the character in the film, we immediately imagined a younger Jean-Paul Belmondo. A seductive man, witty and fun." Robert Pattinson

"It's witty and sophisticated. But it also has something very honest in it," Pattinson says about the new video and sensual campaign that he shot for the fragrance Dior Homme."I never felt like we were 'selling' anything during the time that we were of filming. It was just fun."

The second part of the article talks about his career, focusing on Edward and Twilight, with quotes from old interviews from New Moon promo (it's mentioned in the article that the quotes are from that promo). Nothing new, but here is the translation of his quotes - mostly about Twilight.:

"People thought it would be a "viking" movie. I thought that! I was already seeing myself in a disgusting wig and saying 'this is Edward'" The actor doesn't mince words when he speaks of his character. "People who hate the films tend to be very cynical and moralistic and generally speak of what they haven't seen. And I think I'm one of those cynical and moralist people that would have hated it, if I hadn't seen it,"
"When I read the book, I thought the author was crazy. It was as like she had dreamed about something very sexy and had written about her fantasies. But the book has a lot of action and turns out to be quite honest... what is a bit strange."
About the screaming fans "It seems they like this old-fashioned kind of guy, men who will open the car door and are real gentlemen. I thought they weren't attracted to that..."
Pattinson has two older sisters and says that they helped him develop a side... "kind of like a gentleman. I grew up surrounded by many girls, so I guess I have a different mentality." And did that help him understand women? " Maybe I've become more... patient!"
"I miss going to the movies in Los Angeles, that has the best cinemas in the world. I used to go four or five times a week but now it is impossible, with all cellphone cameras."

Source: irmandaderobsten Via/Translation RPlife 

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