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New "PLUSH" BTS - Plus Catherine Interview

New Catherine interview with collider   (..) Were you surprised that people seemed to be so shocked by the extent of the sexuality in the film? How much did you decide to scale that back?
HARDWICKE: I’ve always done things where, when we film, we just let the actors feel what they feel, in the moment, and do what they feel naturally.
I want them to be as free as they can be. The cameramen don’t really know what’s going to happen, so I have two cameramen who are trying to position themselves and find the action the best they can with those spontaneous moments. And then, I figure it out in the editing room. But yes, I was surprised that the first time we showed it to a group of people, they were kind of shocked.
Some people tried to articulate it and they said that they were used to seeing sexuality on a small screen, not on a big screen. Also, we might read books like 50 Shades of Grey, but maybe we’re not used to seeing it, right there. But now, it will be seen on the small screen, so I think it will be easier to digest. It came out of the characters. They were involved in a very passionate affair. They were in this creative moment. And coincidentally, the two actors did fall in love and are still together. When you do such an intimate, personal film like that, and your actors are being so intimate with each other, in the sex scenes and in the fight scene at the end, it’s pretty up close and personal.

How did you come to be doing an MTV pilot, based on an R.L. Stine novel?
HARDWICKE: That’s called Eye Candy, and it’s inspired by the novel, but of course, it had to be adapted to be turned into a series. It’s about a young woman who’s had a tragic thing happen to her and her sister, so she’s become a little bit of a vigilante to track down other criminals that prey on girls and women, sometimes through the internet. It’s a fun story, and it’s got a lot of humor in it, too. She’s a very serious and obsessed person that is trying to stop cyber crimes. It’s set in New York.

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