tisdag 24 december 2013

Rob Kristen and Taylor In Forbes' 2013 List Of The Best Actors For The Buck

Hollywood's Best Actors For The Buck

Kristen Stewart
Returns $25 for every $1 paid.

Robert Pattinson
Returns $23.50 for every $1 paid.

Taylor Lautner
Returns $21.40 for every $1 paid.

Full list ;Forbes In Hollywood, men almost always earn more money than women, especially on the big screen. The only time that benefits the actresses is when you crunch the numbers to figure out which stars offer the best return on investment for the studios.

Hollywood pays its biggest stars millions of dollar per film. Some are worth the money. We used data gathered from our Celebrity 100 research and Box Office Mojo to calculate how much, on average, each star's last three films earned at the box office and through DVD sales per dollar of pay. Think of it like a star return on investment number.

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