torsdag 19 december 2013

(Video) John Cooper and Trevor Groth talks about CAMP X-RAY - mentions Kristen with WSJ’s Barbara Chai @sundancefest

 At 1:20 m
*John Cooper: I think CampX-Ray is in particular, is one of my favorites, just because that sheer perfomance of Kristen Stewart, is maybe a way you dont think of her.
But the its the tightness of the vision of th film. And you really get into Guantanamo Bay and what it feels like to be there.
She is a young marine. Im dealing with the situation and its realy just kinda fascinating and kinda heart breaking

Yeah, i think what's interesting..

 wsj The Sundance Institute marks the 30th anniversary of the Sundance Film Festival next month, and festival directors John Cooper and Trevor Groth stopped by the WSJ to discuss how the event, and independent film, have evolved over the years.

“We’re seeing a lot of new creative spirit. We’re seeing an excellence in filmmaking,” said Cooper, the director of the Sundance Film Festival.

Trevor Groth, the festival’s programming director, added that “the films now have a more complete vision. Filmmakers have the tools now to tell their whole stories.”

Cooper and Groth also described some of the films that were selected for the 2014 dramatic competition category, including “Camp X-Ray” starring Kristen Stewart, and actor John Slattery’s (“Mad Men”) directorial debut, “God’s Pocket.”

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