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(Scan/Transcript) Xavier Samuel in Aspire South Australia Magazine - March 2014 Issue

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If, like us, you're not ashamed to admit to a love affair with Russian literature and maybe even a bit of a book nerd crush on Chekov, prepare to fall in love. The Seagull, Chekov's famously dark comedy, is being put on by State Theatre Company of SA as part of the Adelaide Festival, and what better excuse to catch up with the star - local boy turned Hollywood actor Xavier Samuel.

How does it feel to be performing in your home town as part of the festival?
The State Theatre Company is heading in a new and exciting direction under Geordie Brookman and I am thrilled to be a part of that change. Adelaide really comes alive around Festival time. There is a great atmosphere and I am really looking forward to now performing in the place where I used to go to watch theatre growing up here in Adelaide.

What appeals to you about the role of Konstantin?
The role's elusive nature is compelling and as a result presents a variety of challenges.

What are you excited about with this production?
Working with such great actors. It really is an ensemble piece.

Tell us why we should see it.
The State Theatre Scenic Workshop allows for a really unique and intimate experience. Also, we are discovering a lot of comedy in rehearsals which is not something that immediately springs to mind when you think of Chekhov.

Anything you're keen to see at the Festival?
Roman Tragedies - it will be incredible to see this take on Shakespeare's powerful trilogy.

What's next for you?
There are a few things in the pipeline but I only really believe it when I'm standing in the catering line on set. Healing is a film I did with Hugo Weaving and Mark Winter and it comes out some time in April this year.

25 Feb to 16 March, adelaidfestival.com.au

Scan thanks to xaviernews | Transcript Done by GossipDance

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