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Mission: Blacklist #QOTD "The Rover" and Life at the #EFM - European Film Market

EFM "The Rover" | "Life" screenaustralia
Via /ToR

Maps to the Stars Listed on eOne Film's EFM Line Up (Sarah Gadon Still)

Mission: Blacklist: Listed on Embankment Film's EFM Line Up

Queen of the Desert
Variety mentions 'Queen of the Desert' in an EFM article:

Berlin will see a pair of queens up for sale: “Queen of the Desert” repped by Sierra/Affinity with helmer Werner Herzog attached, and Atom Egoyan’s “Queen of the Night,” being sold by Entertainment One Intl., starring Ryan Reynolds.

Here is 'Queen of the Desert's' page on Sierra/Affinity's site

The Childhood of a Leader
Screendaily mentions 'The Childhood of a Leader' in an article about Protagonist Pictures' movies at EFM:

Protagonist’s EFM slate includes anticipated new period dramas Testament of Youth, produced by David Heyman and starring Alicia Vikander, and The Childhood of a Leader, which has Juliette Binoche, Tim Roth and Robert Pattinson attached.

Here is the article on Protagonist Picture's website about handling 'The Childhood of a Leader' international sales

However, Rob's name is not on Embankment Film's page for Mission: Blacklist anymore.

ETA2: Rob's name still can be seen on the "Synopsis" part of the page, only the "cast" section has been removed.

Via RPLife

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