tisdag 21 januari 2014

Sundance2014 (Videos) Kristen Stewart on "Camp X-Ray" + Nicholas Hoult talks "Equals" #OTRC

OTR .."When you have really steadfast ideas of what is right and what is wrong, and then you involve people from very different backgrounds and differences of opinions, there's something there that never goes away, that you're both human and ... even though you may be in a position where you're like pitted against each other, you still love each other,"

Stewart told OTRC.com. "Human beings love each other. That's just the way that it is and so that's what the movie's about," she said. "In this gray area, there's one constant and people shouldn't forget that." Stewart last appeared on the big screen as Bella Swan in the 2012 film "Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part II," the final movie in the hit vampire romance franchise that also starred Robert Pattinson.

"Camp X-Ray" was screened at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 17. According to Variety, the movie will likely have a limited theatrical and VOD release, although no date has been announced.

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